What is Exhaled Nitric Oxide Testing?

Exhaled nitric oxide testing, also known as FeNO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide) testing, is a non-invasive and valuable diagnostic tool used in the management of asthma. This test measures the amount of nitric oxide gas that a person exhales from their lungs. Elevated levels of nitric oxide in the breath are associated with airway inflammation, which is a hallmark of asthma.

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What are the Benefits?

By quantifying these levels, the board certified allergist at Laguna Allergy can assess the degree of airway inflammation and monitor the effectiveness of asthma treatments. Exhaled nitric oxide testing helps guide treatment decisions, such as adjusting medication dosages, and can assist in achieving better asthma control for patients. It is particularly useful for identifying and managing eosinophilic asthma, a specific subtype of the condition characterized by increased inflammation.

Am I a Candidate?

Exhaled nitric oxide testing is typically recommended for individuals who have asthma or those suspected of having the condition. It is especially useful for patients with persistent asthma symptoms, as it helps assess the level of airway inflammation. By measuring nitric oxide levels in a person’s breath, the board certified providers at Laguna Allergy can better evaluate the severity of asthma, tailor treatment plans, and monitor the effectiveness of asthma medications. This test is most beneficial for those with known or suspected asthma, helping to optimize asthma management and control.

What Can I Expect During the Testing?

During exhaled nitric oxide testing, patients can expect a straightforward and non-invasive procedure. The patient will be asked to breathe into a special device, known as a nitric oxide analyzer, for about 10-15 seconds. The device measures the amount of nitric oxide gas present in their breath. Patients should avoid eating, drinking, or using medications that might affect the results prior to the test.

The test is painless, and there are no needles or invasive procedures involved. After the test, patients can resume their normal activities with no significant recovery time required.

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