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I’m Dr. Gillian Bassirpour and I am a board-certified allergist and immunologist. I am also a mom. I was born and raised in Michigan. Like my partner, Dr. Walters, I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Brain, Behavior and Cognitive Sciences. I then attended medical school at Wayne State University. I completed my residency in internal medicine at the University of Michigan (where I met Dr. Walters!) and then my fellowship at Henry Ford Health Systems. My family and I recently moved to California to chase the sun (with sunscreen on of course) and all the fun that comes with living here. 

I love seeing a spectrum of allergic conditions across all ages of patients, but I especially enjoy seeing patients with food allergies. At Henry Ford, I developed a program to focus not only on pediatric, but also adult food allergy, including an early introduction program as well as a food challenge service. Ever hear the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul”? Well, your skin can be the “window” to current or future allergic disease. Atopic dermatitis, also referred to as eczema, is often the first allergic disorder of childhood. Not every child with eczema will have allergic disorders, but it can be a risk factor or a sign. That’s where I come in. There are many guides out there such as “how to sleep train your baby”, “how to potty train your baby”, but what about “how to manage childhood eczema from an allergist perspective?” Did you know that some moisturizers can be harmful when you have eczema and increase the risk of food allergy development? Or, that early introduction of certain foods can prevent the development of food allergies? Yes, I used the word prevent. My job is to take advantage of this special time (early childhood) and help manage and hopefully prevent some of the physical, emotional, and financial burdens associated with allergic disorders. 

One of the many things I love about being an allergist is the relationship I develop with my patients. Allergic disorders are chronic, which means our relationship is long term. I love to educate my patients, and Laguna Allergy Medical Boutique is the perfect classroom. We hope our patients feel a sense of connection and community in our office. I look forward to contributing to the health and wellness of my patients. Thank for the privilege of allowing me to participate in your care. 

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