What is Blood Allergy Testing?

Blood allergy testing, also known as specific IgE testing, is a diagnostic method used to identify allergens that trigger allergic reactions in individuals.

This information helps healthcare providers diagnose allergies accurately and develop tailored treatment plans, including allergen avoidance strategies, medications, or allergen immunotherapy, to manage and alleviate allergy symptoms effectively. 

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What Can I Expect During This Testing?

During this test, a blood sample is collected from the patient and sent to a laboratory. In the lab, the blood is tested for the presence and levels of specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies produced by the immune system in response to specific allergens, such as pollen, dust mites, foods, or pet dander. The results of blood allergy testing provide valuable information about which allergens a person may be sensitized to and the likelihood of it triggering an allergic response.

Am I a Candidate?

Blood allergy testing is particularly useful when skin testing is impractical due to skin conditions, medication use, or a history of severe allergic reactions.

What is the Difference Between Blood Allergy Testing and Skin Prick Testing?

In blood allergy testing, a blood sample is taken to measure specific IgE antibodies produced in response to allergens. This test is suitable for individuals with skin conditions or on certain medications. Skin prick testing, on the other hand, involves applying allergen extracts to the skin and observing the skin’s reaction. It provides immediate results and is often more sensitive, though it needs to be done in the office and may provide some temporary mild discomfort.

The choice between these tests depends on factors like a patient’s medical condition, age, and the suspected allergens. Both methods help diagnose allergies and guide treatment plans, including allergen avoidance and immunotherapy, to manage and alleviate allergy symptoms effectively.

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