What is Venom Allergy?

A venom allergy is an immune system response to the toxins found in the venom of certain stinging insects, such as bees, wasps, hornets, and ants. When individuals with a venom allergy are stung by one of these insects, their immune system identifies the venom as a threat and launches an exaggerated immune response. This response can lead to severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions, known as anaphylaxis, characterized by symptoms like:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling
  • Hives
  • Drop in blood pressure

Venom allergies can be diagnosed through allergen-specific testing and are typically managed through allergen avoidance strategies, carrying an epinephrine auto-injector for emergency use, and, in many cases, venom desensitization to reduce the risk of severe reactions upon future stings.

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How Can Laguna Allergy Medical Boutique Help?

At our practice in Aliso Viejo, our board certified allergists provide:

What is Venom Desensitization?

This therapy involves a controlled and gradual exposure to increasing doses of the specific insect venom (i.e., bee or wasp) to which the patient is allergic. Over time, this process helps the immune system become less sensitive to the venom, reducing the risk of severe allergic reactions upon future insect stings. 

While it doesn’t cure the allergy, it significantly improves the patient’s quality of life by offering a high degree of safety and confidence when it comes to outdoor activities or potential insect encounters. This treatment will be administered by one of our board certified allergists in a carefully monitored medical setting to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

What is Skin Prick Testing?

The Skin Prick Test is the gold standard for the diagnosis of a venom allergy. During this test, your Laguna Allergy provider will apply small amounts of venom extracts from insects like bees or wasps to the patient’s skin, typically on the forearm or back. If the patient is allergic to the venom, they will typically develop a localized allergic reaction in the form of a small, itchy bump or hive within 15-20 minutes. Skin prick testing helps our team pinpoint the specific venom allergen, enabling them to determine the severity of the allergy and guide treatment decisions, such as the need for venom desensitization. 

What is Blood Allergy Testing?

Blood allergy testing plays a crucial role in accurately diagnosing venom allergies and tailoring personalized treatment plans to reduce the risk of severe reactions upon future insect stings. This blood test measures the levels of specific IgE antibodies in the bloodstream that are produced in response to allergens found in venom, such as those from bees or wasps.

By pinpointing the specific venom allergen, your Laguna Allergy provider can determine the severity of the allergy and guide treatment decisions, such as whether venom desensitization is necessary. 

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