What is Drug Desensitization?

Drug desensitization is a specialized medical procedure used to help patients with drug allergies safely and gradually build tolerance to a medication they need. The goal is to induce temporary tolerance to the medication, allowing the patient to use it without experiencing an allergic reaction.

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Am I a Candidate?

This procedure is particularly valuable when there are no suitable alternative treatments, and the allergenic drug is the most effective option for managing a patient’s medical condition. While drug desensitization does not cure the underlying drug allergy, it enables individuals to temporarily and safely use the necessary medication, often for life-threatening conditions such as cancer or infections, under close medical supervision.

What Happens If I Have a Reaction During Drug Desensitization?

If you or your child experiences an allergic reaction during drug desensitization, the board certified team at Laguna Allergy will respond swiftly and appropriately. The severity of the reaction will determine the course of action, which can range from mild symptoms like itching or hives to more severe symptoms like difficulty breathing or a drop in blood pressure.

In the event of a reaction, your Laguna Allergy provider will immediately stop the drug challenge and administer treatments to alleviate the symptoms. These treatments often include antihistamines, corticosteroids, and in severe cases, epinephrine. Once the patient’s symptoms are under control and they have stabilized, our team will decide whether to continue the desensitization process or halt it, depending on the severity of the reaction and the patient’s overall condition. Safety is a top priority during drug desensitization, and the procedure is conducted under strict medical supervision to manage any potential allergic reactions effectively.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

Drug desensitization involves administering the allergenic drug in increasing doses, often over a period of hours or days, while closely monitoring the patient’s response in a controlled medical setting.

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